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Tour the Coteau des Prairie on Bicycle

Coteau des Prairie Coteau des Prairie

Enjoy 93 scenic miles while biking the Coteau des Prairie Tour. Coteau des Prairie, or “Hills of the Prairie,” is a landscape created by the movement of glaciers. The route runs through land that has a rich cultural history.

With glacial lakes, prairie potholes and whispering grasslands, the quiet rolling terrain surrounding Sisseton offers a scenic ride for any bicyclist. Paved rural roads with minimal traffic are bicycle-friendly. Highway 10 has more traffic, but also provides a smooth moderate shoulder. The six miles west of Sisseton on Highway 10 includes a 1,200 foot climb. Going west on that stretch will test your endurance, going east is a fast, downhill experience to enjoy. For information on suggested routes around Sisseton of 30 to 60 miles in length, e-mail sissetonchamber@venturecomm.net

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